How to Add Contacts in

Remembering the telephone numbers, email addresses and residential addresses of your close friends, relatives and colleagues is a very difficult task in today’s fast and speedy world. But along with many other splendid features, Yahoo has brought to its users the wonderful option of saving their contacts and retrieving them at one click only. This way, you won’t have to memorize a long list of your contact details. Below are mentioned few steps which would guide you how to add contacts in Yahoo mail.

yahoo_addThe first step is to write in your browsing bar and press Enter.

  • Upon reaching the yahoo mail page, log in by entering your yahoo ID and password to enter yahoo inbox.
  • In the inbox, you will have an encounter with all of your present and past emails.
  • In order to save any contact, click on the “contacts” icon located on the upper left corner of your inbox.
  • After clicking on that icon, you will reach another page where just below the “contacts” icon; another icon named “add contact” would be mentioned. So, to add any contact to your contacts list click on “add contact” icon.
  • Clicking on this icon will lead you to a page where after saving the desired info about your contact, you can easily add it to your contacts list.
  • All you have to do is to enter first, middle, last name, email, nick name, messenger ID and phone number of your contact. After filling in the desired info click “save” mentioned at the end of this page.

In order to search for a particular contact, you can also utilize the option of search contacts by their name or email id.

How to Filter your Email

Maintaining your email account is very important these days. If you show a little leniency towards this task then your account would seem cluttered with all sort of useless and unwanted emails. Some of the emails could also be full of viruses and opening them could harm the software of your PC in an instant. So, along with many other options, Yahoo offers you the option of using filter in your email inbox in order to maintain your inbox in an easy manner. Although applying a filter is little bit of a complicated task but below are mentioned few techniques that would help you in this process.

Yahoo Mail Add FilterFirst of all, reach and upon reaching, enter your Yahoo ID and password to login into your email account.

  • On the page of your inbox, you would see profile option mentioned on the upper right portion of this page. By clicking on this profile option, a list of few other features will open. Select “options” from this list.
  • After the opening of “options” page select “mail options” from the list.
  • When the “mail options” page opens then on the left column of the page click on the “filters” icon mentioned in the list.
  • When the “filters” page opens, there will be an icon of “add filters” on the top of this page. Click on this icon.
  • Clicking on this icon will lead you to another page where a window will appear desiring you to fill in the required info about the new filter. You have to fill in the filter name, sender, recipient, subject, body, move to folder information in this window.
  • It is strongly advisable to enter a unique and different name for “new filter.”
  • Make a careful selection while selecting a folder in “move to folder” option as all of your filtered emails would be received in the folder you have selected.
  • After making all sort of changes, click on the “save changes” options to save the changes you have made to your filter.